Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I went to the Columbus Zoo when Iwent to ohio last week. We stayed at my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Rick's house. They have a pool it has a diving board. While we were driving there we saw mountains, horse farms, and 3 rivers the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio river. We went to the football field my Great Grandfather was a drum major in 1949 we went in the band room and took pictures. Then we ate pizza at Donatos for my cousin Claudia, her mom is my mom's sister. We went to the zoo we saw my Aunt Rachel born on the same day as me and i'm one hour older than her and one inch taller. We saw flammingos, goat, chicken and other animals it's rated number 1 in the universe! We ate with my grandpa at Frisch's then we went to Gantz Park. Then I left Ohio!!!!